BUSES up to 11 tons

Another unit in Prime Motor’s technology its integration for an electric drive for M3 vehicles (>5 tones; >9 passengers). Our products are available to buy, integrated into mid-size buses for 29+1+1 passengers. Buses are made on Iveco Daily chassis for 7.5 tones. Full body structures it’s made of stainless steel and body work in fiber glass.


Drive train (Motor-Inverter)

We are delivering AC Induction motors for up to 156 kW with 1900 Nm peak torque. Gearboxes are integrated into a single ratio differential. A large range of motors it’s available for a custom solution.

Our inverters are available from 300 VDC input up to 750VDC. Efficiency’s 94.1% due to high-quality electronic parts and architecture. Interfaces are available also in OBDII standard with DTC, switch frequency up to 12 kHz and programming available in CAN open and ASIL C. Shock & vibration standards are GMW3172 sprung masses.


Battery Pack

Prime Motors designs and produces their own battery packs. This allows us to custom your product according to the application. For Iveco Daily chassis we are using battery packs from 100 kWh up to 150 kWh.

Drive range according to vehicle’s weight it’s presented below:

  Drive range (km) 
Battery capacity5 tons7.5 tons11 tons
100 kWh225150120
125 kWh280190150
150 kWh330230180

BUSES up to 18 tons


Drive unit

Prime Motors products are included also in CITY BUS area. We are delivering electric drive units for 12 meters City Buses and also for city sightseeing buses. Motors and inverters for this area are manufactured by OEM suppliers which estimate the lifetime for over 1.000.000 km.

Power range for these products is starting from 180 kW up to 225 kW, peak torque delivered from motor up to 4800 Nm.

Charging solution

Standard CCS Type 2 sockets are integrated into our products but also available for CHAdeMO. On board, chargers are available from 22kW up to 66kW in three phase AC current.

Battery Packs

The capacity recommended for these products is starting from 80 kWh up to 220 kWh rated for voltage from 400VDC up to 1200VDC. The battery management system it’s integrated into battery architecture and works properly in conditions of -30°C.

Thermal management it’s available for battery solution for custom applications.

Battery cycle life up to 4000 cycles in real life conditions.


Battery technology

Prime Motors main activity it’s focused on custom solutions for Li-Ion batteries. We have a large area of products characterized by cycle life (starting from 1000 cycles up to 6000 cycles). Our experience recommends us for battery testing and system prototyping for 3rd party partners.

Our solution for electric vehicles (M1/M3/12 meters buses) it’s based on Li-ION NMC batteries. Expected cycle life for this technology it’s over 4000 cycles in real life conditions (0.8C charging and 1.8C discharging averages).

Key Features:

  • BMS Communication Integrated
  • Vibration optimization through ultrasonically welded tabs
  • High energy density
  • Compact design

System integration

Our technical department supports new project integration via Skype meetings or with engineers in client facility. For prototype projects, we offer technical support 20h/ week for 8 weeks maximum period.

Our support will be in inverters fine tuning, system programming, and integration of 3rd party devices such as displays or command unit.

For battery packs, we develop the design according to your needs.