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Prime motors is a specialized hardcore technology company focused on tailored made battery packs and electric drives.
From small beginnings in 2012, PrimeMotors has grown to become an important provider of Lithium battery solutions in Europe today. We are proud to be contributing to the effort to build a clean energy economy with the development of superior Energy Storage Systems (ESS s). Much clean energy technology today is ineffective due to limited energy storage and inhospitable utility policies and availability. We are pledged to delivering superior battery solutions to our customers that solve their technological and business problems.

Prime not only provides a wide range of battery chemistry solutions, but also electrical solutions such as chargers, Protection Circuit Modules (PCM) and comprehensive power solutions. With exports in different countries around Europe, our customer base grows annually. Using the latest battery technology, our products are environmentally friendly, maintain our products are environmentally friendly, maintain high energy density storage capabilities and are highpowered in comparison to existing Lead-Acid battery, Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, and other commercially-available Lithium-ion products. Prime’s products are unmatched in applications where high C-rates, long cycle life and high energy density are needed – applications such as EES systems and EV(Electrical Vehicle). Our products have become an integral part of EV development, which require high power electrical solutions. We at Prime are committed to our customers and do our utmost to contribute to the building of a clean energy economy.

Again, all of us at PRIME committed to our customer’s satisfaction. Thank you for your interest in Prime!