Prime-text-14 is a producer of customized energy-storage devices based on lithium battery technology. The customer’s requirement profile defines how the storage systems are adapted. The range of customization options (e.g. cell designs and cell specifications) is unique among commercial suppliers.

The company’s diverse production processes are based on flexible modular technology, sound technical know-how and numerous patents held by our strategic partners, who bring to the table more than 25 years of experience in the development of lithium batteries. Our company applies a total quality management approach, to which all our employees are fully committed, and will operate a production facility, certified to ISO 9001:2008.

From development through customer support and distribution: we work in compliance with an integrated process management. Our custom-made system solutions will empower your company! Beyond the warranty within the context of personal support we will always provide an answer to your questions and concerns.

Our aim is to integrate electric drive in all areas of transport and mobility sectors. The range of implemented applications includes cars, busses and commercial vehicles all the way to ships and airplanes. The company also realizes complex project, including the development of power trains, charging technology and software in collaboration with its industrial partners.

Due to the special assembling and the innovative thermal management, mobile and stationary power storages profit from the high-performance battery technology developed by Prime-text-12. To meet the global demand for battery packs, Prime-text-12 is currently erecting its first factory for large-scale production in Romania, Europe.


In cooperation with strategic partners, Prime-text-12 will produce batteries for significantly less cost using the concept of smart factory, innovative manufacturing, reduction of waste, and the simple optimization of locating most manufacturing process under one roof. We expect to lower our battery cells production cost with more than 20 percent.

The factory will be one of first “smart factory” for large-scale lithium batteries production. The ‘smart factory’ is the centerpiece of the digitalization of our entire company. In the smart factory, the products, machines and the entire environment are networked with each other and connected to the internet. Integration of the real world into a functional, digital world enables a so-called “digital twin” to be created, which allows the real-time representation of processes, systems and entire production shops.


Our factory will be powered by renewable energy sources, with the goal of achieving net zero energy.


The smart factory allows production to respond even faster to global market fluctuations and changing, even more individual customer demand. Digital production also makes it easier to produce increasingly complex products.


Efficient use of resources such as energy, buildings or material stocks is a decisive competitive factor; a completely digital process chain also means constant inventory control: components can be identified at anytime and anywhere. Production facilities can be controlled from anywhere.


Flexible production processes, simplified modification of existing production facilities and the installation of new facilities allow simpler, more efficient manufacturing processes. This in turn allows shorter innovation cycles, and product innovations can be transferred to more model series in a shorter time (time-to-market).


Active interaction between man and machine, also using new operating interfaces, will change the working environment in many areas. Taking demographic changes into account, this opens up new perspectives when creating new working and lifestyle models.


From battery module configuration and ordering by the customer to the definition of required parts and their procurement, and then to production and delivery. To put this in visionary terms: “Once ordered, a battery pack looks for its production location and machine by itself.”


3D printing/Additive Manufacturing: Use in rapid prototyping, protective covers (e.g. for tooling in man-robot cooperation), tools (e.g. gripping elements).
Machine learning/machines assist their users: The path to be followed by lightweight robots can be generated by “demonstration”, i.e. the worker leads the robots and the machine learns the path.
Production Data Cloud/worldwide availability of production data.

Object and purpose of Prime Industries’s Code of conduct is a guide to the principles of conduct in relations both within the company and externally. Our personal integrity is crucial and based on these rules. We act ethically and obey laws and regulations. Our business relationships with all partners are based on honesty and trust. Managers and employees are equally obliged to act in accordance to the regulations in the Code of Conduct. In addition to the relevant statutory regulations this Code as a binding framework for action. The Code cannot replace personal responsibility and common sense. When an employee is faced with a problem which is not explicitly mentioned in the Code, she or he must examine whether her or his action is lawful and whether the good reputation of Prime Industries could be harmed by her or his actions.

No corruption and bribery! Bribery and corruption can occur in various forms. It may be in cash or other favors. The intent is always to influence the recipient’s decision to obtain an advantage for the person or company offering the advantage. It is irrelevant whether the employee offers such favors or accepts them. It does not matter who the counterparty is (a state, a company or a person). No matter how small or big the favor or advantage is, corruption or bribery remain illegal. Prime Industries attaches’ great importance to the care of its business relations. However, these relations can never be more important than our ethical principles. We choose our business partners exclusively due to objective, business-related criteria. We ensure that our business partners share our rules of conduct regarding business conduct and ethics. We do not grant or accept any business courtesies that might affect business decisions. We do not tolerate bribery. Therefore gifts, invitations or other benefits, from suppliers, customers and other business partners are neither allowed nor granted or accepted. Except when they are a gesture of general politeness or business practices, and do not exceed a small value and intended improper influence of a business decision or an official act can be excluded. If it is not possible tactfully to refuse inappropriate gifts, these can be accepted. In such cases the gifts are be donated to a charitable organization. Offering, granting, demanding or accepting cash or benefits that have a cash character is never allowed. All employees are required to inform their superiors if a business partner or official offers or requests an inappropriate personal benefit.

The respect of ethics and integrity is an important part of Prime Industries’s Code of conduct. The company mission states that we serve only the civil sector. In development projects the knowledge and traceability is given on the application. The responsibility to be active in equipment supplies exclusively in the civil sector, is taken very seriously by our employees and clarified with the customer.

Competition is in conformity with competition law of all countries, regardless of whether the agreements are written or oral. We avoid any actions that are intended to restrict competition. We behave performance-oriented in the market and with fairness both to customers and suppliers. We discuss, agree or cooperate in any way with respect to strategies, prices, markets, customers, products, production or other market-sensitive aspects of our competitors.

Socially responsible working conditions creates a positive working environment, by respectful, decent and professional interaction. People are hired and promoted on the basis of their abilities and achievements. We do not tolerate bullying, harassment or discrimination. We respect the human rights of our employees and provide a safe and hazard-free workplace.

Environmental responsibility and product safety is committed to the conservation of natural resources and shows this in its choice of raw materials, the optimization of material and energy consumption, and the systematic integration of environmental aspects in research and development, production, usage and disposal. We bear responsibility for the environment and society. This responsibility is anchored in our mission and in our vision.

Conserve resources

Our society depends on non-renewable resources to over 80 percent, this also endangers the climate and environment. The mobility features especially badly because it consumes a third of the resources, and this with an extremely low efficiency of below 30 percent. However, mobility is also the solution. Electric drives are many times more efficient and enable the use of renewable and domestically produced energy for our mobility. Intelligent solutions also save a lot of valuable resources such as rare earths. Copper and aluminum can be recycled. Only such solutions can be implemented in the future in large quantities without generating new resource bottlenecks.


Join us!

Prime Industries is planting a 100.000 sq. forest near the Danube River south of Bucharest from its annual profits!